Curriculum Vitae Leo de Boer

Leo De Boer was born in 1953 in the Netherlands. He studied History at the University of Amsterdam followed by four years at the Dutch Film Academy.
He has worked as film editor at NOS Dutch National Television, and is presently lecturer at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).
He has further done documentary screenplay coaching at the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) workshop for docu-development.
From 2001 until present he was guest-lecturer (documentary) at VGIK-filmschool in Moscow, CEU in Budapest and the NFTVA in Amsterdam.
He will be lecturing at the CEU in Budapest next Summer school: ‘Documentary Cinema in the Digital Century’, in July 2013
He is the screenwriter and director of several documentaries and feature films.
His work includes TV-documentaries like The Road to Bresson, Angels of Death (awarded the ‘Golden Calf’ as the best documentary at the Dutch Film Festival), Under Moscow, The Train to Grozny, Helene - a woman between love and art, and feature length documentaries like The Red Stuff, Closing in on Tanja and I want my money back.
As an editor Leo de Boer’s work includes feature films like Twice a Woman and Madelief and documentaries like Birthplace Unknown and Procedure 769 as well as the award winning Isingiro Hospital.

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